From a Short Holiday Mystery to a Fun Little Book, The Holiday Murder Melange


I was thrilled with the opportunity to contribute to an anthology last fall, but writing a short mystery was a bit intimidating. Turned out to be great fun and friends said, "make it a little book." So, it's now a little book on Amazon! California Creole sleuth Sarah Doucette Jean-Louis gets her first chance to make the family Reveillon Dinner, but...

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Holiday Shortcuts from a California Creole Sleuth!


Stuffing Stuff One Stuffing, 3 Dishes The oven can be your best friend when you don't have a lot of time on your hands. Whether you need a meal or sides, don't forget to stick them all in your oven so while they cook, you can work or enjoy a glass of wine. Sarah is into efficiencies, even when sleuthing or planning a dinner party. Here's a great ex...

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I’m Making a New Year’s Evolution, Not a Resolution. And here’s why...


It has been the year of unimagined happenings. It has been the year of the pivot and a time of flux. So, flux it! Time to approach this differently. Resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something. Evolution is a gradual development of something from a simpler to a more complex form. 2020 was a bitch. Nailbiter elections, a predatory diseas...

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