California mysteries seasoned with Louisiana Creole mysticism.

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About Myra

From imaginary friends to childhood backyard productions, Myra was the kid with the over active imagination. A generous family supported her adventures and following careers in television and public relations, she decided to use her imagination to create unique mysteries.

About the Series

Myra’s life is as colorful and diverse as the family gumbo recipe. She created the Sarah Doucette Jean-Louis mysteries to tout Bay Area life, share the unique Creole culture and to include many other races and cultures in a mysterious ride.


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Latest Blog Post

When business creeps into your art, you have to just go with it

August 18, 2019

This is not about my day jobs, though each of them required a creative mind. This is about my addiction to writing and (knock wood) selling murder mysteries.  When the nest emptied and I was rolling around in a house built to host dozens of kids, the silence was screaming. The man in my heart…