Holiday Shortcuts from a California Creole Sleuth!


Stuffing Stuff

One Stuffing, 3 Dishes

The oven can be your best friend when you don't have a lot of time on your hands. Whether you need a meal or sides, don't forget to stick them all in your oven so while they cook, you can work or enjoy a glass of wine. Sarah is into efficiencies, even when sleuthing or planning a dinner party. Here's a great example she calls, "Stuffing Stuff." You make a delicious stuffing and use it for several dishes.

Sarah uses a French or Ciabatta loaf to make her own croutons (it's easy), herbs and spices and puts them together with the Holy Trinity for savory heaven. Sarah's vegan, but adds chopped shrimp for her non-vegan friends. This holiday, she stuffed chicken breasts, bell peppers, and mushroom caps.

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C'est bon! 

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