Pushed Times Chewing Pepper

Title: Pushed Times Chewing Pepper
Series: Sarah Doucette Jean-Louis Mysteries #1
Published by: Pushed Times Publishing, LLC
Release Date: January 28, 2015
Pages: 170
ISBN13: 978-0990803201
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A Sarah Doucette Jean-Louis Mystery, Part One

Sarah Doucette Jean-Louis is a rare woman. She is marked for murder while a suspected accessory to the mysterious murder plot. She is a trained family therapist who has a difficult time tolerating her own family for more than lunch. She is a contemporary California native with old world, Louisiana Creole roots. Her aunts and grandparents regularly talked to the dead and cast spells. They thought everyone did. In one year, Sarah’s life is a haze of martini hangovers, a stalker, the wrong man, fights with a bitch cousin and the voodoo wisdom of her Aunt Cat. Then comes Michael . . . and it gets worse. Deception and disappointment bring Sarah the hardest times she's ever known and propel her into a new life. The Creoles say, “Pushed times will make a monkey chew pepper.” It means that challenging times inspire unique actions. Sarah learns to use her psychic gifts for guidance and to open her mind to unique actions. Her worst year becomes the best life-changing time of her life.


"This book is filled with powerful writing that elicited a myriad of my emotions, from tears to anger, suspense and finally relief."
~M.D. McClinton, documentary producer and former television news anchor


I poured myself some juice, plain juice with no alcohol and went to sit and take in all that had changed in my world. Something kept telling me it would all be fine. I found that hard to believe but couldn’t shake that feeling. Maybe it came from a deep place within where hope originates. Hope was all I had to hold on to as the next weeks would unfold, so I embraced it hard. I stared at the two-week old manicure on my fingers and tried to buy time. But, the truth was, I had to make the call. I wondered if there were other words for ultimate humiliation, when you’d made a complete ass of yourself at the same time someone was making a complete ass of you. I needed that word.