Secrets, Spells and Snake Eyes

Title: Secrets, Spells and Snake Eyes
Series: Sarah Doucette Jean-Louis Mysteries #2
Published by: Pushed Times Publishing
Release Date: May 18, 2017
Pages: 168
ISBN13: 978-0990803218
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A Sarah Doucette Jean-Louis Mystery, Part Deux

Back home from a Godforsaken Louisiana family reunion, Sarah Doucette Jean-Louis jumps heart first into a murder investigation with her hot and sexy former attorney, Manuel. It’s a new life for the Oakland family therapist post-scandal. Manuel’s client is charged with murder and he wants Sarah to use her gift of visions to help his investigator find the real killer. In her unique and humorous style, Sarah brings her head-spinning psychic intuition, large vodka bottles and a few other surprises to the case. Yadira Lopez’s stepson is the accused, but Sarah feels there’s something spine chilling and eerie about Yadira. Sarah props up her visions with help from some unbelievable sources. And if the case weren’t complicated and odd enough, Sarah’s life long nemesis, cousin Stacy, shows up in California. Her year will be mysterious and murderous with a touch of crazy! Life remains a contrast of contemporary northern California and old-world Louisiana Creole traditions for Sarah. She is a trained family therapist with volatile relationships. Her background of science and logic is defiled by persistent visions into the future. And while it is Creole tradition for a woman to marry, Sarah has had many loves but no husband. In Secrets, Spells and Snake Eyes, Sarah’s second journey, she learns to handle her mystical second sight and prepares to fall in love—again. We laugh and feel a bit tipsy from all of the action and the Sunday martini brunches with her girlfriends. Laissez les bon temp rouler, mon cher!


"If you are looking for a strong, opinionated, female protagonist, then Sarah Doucette Jean-Louis is that. She doesn’t get married to please her family. She likes her friends, her vodka, and her lovers."
~Holly from Sacramento


Miss Lorena took out a pipe and, I swear, some of the best weed I had ever smelled in my entire Berkeley life. I had to hold back the urge to laugh a she lit up the pipe. Miss Lorena got us stoned as she chanted and hummed about the power of spirit and the power of Sarah. Ma-ma and I got caught up in the moment, buzzed by the weed.