They Don’t Know Me…a poem for these times…

Photo credit: Ilana Beer for Burst

They drew lines in the earth and called them countries and states

Some can come in and some must go out.

They say You want us to do that, but what do You say?

I say, they don’t know Me.

(photo credit: Ilana Beer for Burst)

Did You know that they fight over this land and the right to have it?

Some can and some cannot.

They say You want it that way. Is that what You say?

I insist, they don’t know Me.

And they divide according to skin color and language, and origins from their scratchings in the dirt, called countries and states.

They say You told them to do so. What do You say?

I say look around you.

All that is created emanates from the energy called Me. I didn’t make one kind of anything. I didn’t make one terrain. I didn’t inspire one color for flowers or trees. And the animals are as varied as the imagination. And in my image, I created a rainbow of beings, because I am a rainbow.

Maybe they have no right to know Me.


#beantiracist #diversityIStheworld #diversitymatters #stoptheevil

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