Fleur de Lis

Me. Sarah is a younger, more single, non-parent, non-grandparent version of me. She’s smarter, wealthier, but as conflicted as I am, much of the time.

Our Creole parents loved California, but held to their south Louisiana culture, in traditions, food and language. This made us odd ducks, even in Berkeley. My mother’s mixed-race look, my father’s accent weighted in Creole patois, caused some friends to ask if my parents were from another country. I’d answer yes, for fun.

Sarah’s stories are my opportunity to express the lessons and humor of my cultural heritage. And there’s more. My family and friends are not of one race. I was born into a world of diversity. My neighborhood seemed like daycare for children of the U.N. But the majority of whodunnits I’ve read center around one race and one voice. Sarah has colleagues, family and friends of all races, and she will continue to share experiences with people who do and don’t look like her. Her crime-solving journeys will also take her into new worlds, as in Orchids and Omens, when she meets wealthy orchid breeders of the Bay Area.

The Creole culture and diverse characters are the foundation of what I hope will continue to be stories of mystery and humor that inspire and entertain.

My third book, Orchids and Omens, is in the oven. I hope to birth it this year!

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