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Archive for February 2019

Why the title, Orchids and Omens?

….So I used this beautiful symbol of deceit for my next murder mystery Orchids can fool by mimicking characteristics of other flowers which do give rewards. Some produce look-alike nectar spurs that contain no nectar, or by aping the sexual hormones of insects. And many species have evolved multiple fake lures. The lazy spider orchid…

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What’s at the Center of the Sarah Doucette Jean-Louis Mysteries?

Me. Sarah is a younger, more single, non-parent, non-grandparent version of me. She’s smarter, wealthier, but as conflicted as I am, much of the time. Our Creole parents loved California, but held to their south Louisiana culture, in traditions, food and language. This made us odd ducks, even in Berkeley. My mother’s mixed-race look, my…

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